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The League of Extraordinary Ladies

Laurie Langford and ALB
September 24 - October 12, 2014
Glitter Milk Gallery: 
Grand Rapids, Michigan
part of ARTprize 2014
Acrylic painting by ALB

Poster for The League of Extraordinary Ladies, featuring The Element of Generosity by ALB. Acrylic.

The League of Extraordinary Ladies is an exhibition celebrating self-made communities amongst women, and the almost cartoonish characters that we utilize in order to express ourselves. The exhibition will consist of seven hand-painted and embellished ‘gang’ vests with the names The Monarchists, Salty Sirens, The Original Sinners, Hell’s Hoochies, The Bombshells, The Plastics, and The Divine Dames.  Also featured will be three assemblage shadowboxes, two framed watercolours, a seven-foot long collage, three assemblage mannequins, and one large-scale framed acrylic work.


Angelina LeDrew Bonvarlez (ALB) is a Toronto-based artist with whom I've been wanting to work with for years. We finally got together earlier this year and came up with a great concept that encompassed both our art practices. 

Read the review of our exhibition by Kendall Art College MFA student, Aj Cooke. 


Visit ALB on YouTube, and her website ALB in Wonderland.


Check out our official ARTprize entry page.


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