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Laurie Langford is a thought-provoking Canadian assemblage artist based in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.


Langford inserts subversive humour into her installations to prick debate on contemporary gender expectations. Her mixed-media shadow boxes, collage, photography, and printmaking overwrite the conventions of sexuality, domesticity, family, history and the body. Inspired by artists Barbara Kruger, Elizabeth ‘Bloodbath’ McGrath, Joseph Cornell, and Norman Barney, as well as poet Wallace Stevens and writer Edward Gorey, Langford’s work narrates “pop culture innocence gone horribly wrong” (Vanderwall, 2011).


Langford uses a detailed, mixed-media overlay method to bring forth the dissenting story in each found piece, thereby disturbing the viewer’s comfortable seat in the world.

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 Laurie Langford

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