Solo Exhibitions

2017 -  The Four Housewives of the Apocalypse (part deux): Leamington Arts Centre; 

                 Leamington, Ontario

2014 - The Four Housewives of the Apocalypse: Thames Art Gallery; Chatham, ON.

2009 - Guys & Dolls: ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario


Group Exhibitions

2021 -  Inside, Outside, Upside Down (with Remix Collective): Galerie Colline at 

            University of Moncton; Edmundston, NB -online exhibition

2020 - Cut/Paste/Resist: Student Union Building; University of New Brunswick

2020 - Schwitters’ Army: Merz Gallery; Sanquhar, Scotland

2019 - ARTspace Members' Show; ARTspace; Chatham, ON.

2019 - Far Out Show: Leamington Arts Centre (LAC); Leamington, ON.

2019 - We Come in Pieces (with Remix Collective): LAC; Leamington, ON.

2019 - Breaking Barriers: Leamington Arts Centre; Leamington, ON.

2019 - We Come in Pieces (with Remix Collective): Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, ON.

2018 - Eye for Art: Thames Art Gallery (TAG); Chatham, Ontario

2018 - Gods of Rock 2-person show: Leamington Arts Centre; Leamington, ON.

2018 - Remix Gallery Collective group show; Remix Gallery; Petrolia, ON.

2018 - Exquisite Corpse 2-person show: Leamington Arts Centre; Leamington, ON.

2018 - Reuse/Remix 2-person show: Gallery 1313; Toronto, ON.

2017 - Who Are You? (part of Nuit Blanche): Red Head Gallery; Toronto, ON.

2017 - Suffragette-100 Years of  Womens' Suffrage: Chatham-Kent Public Library                          (joint project with the Buxton Museum); Chatham, Ontario

2016 - Eye for Art: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2016 - Damned IX : Tangent Gallery; Detroit, Michigan

2016 - Imaginarium: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2016 - Revitalized: Walkerville Artists’ Co-op; Windsor, Ontario

2016 - Breaking Barriers: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2016 - Offhand Re-Marks 2-person show: ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario

2015 - ARTspace Members’ Show: ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario

2015 - Mine, Yours, and Ours Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2015 - Women: Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit; Detroit, Michigan

2014 - The Square Foot Show: Paula White Diamond Gallery;

                 Waterloo, Ontario

2014 - Eye for Art 2014 juried exhibition: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2014 - The Text Show Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2014 - The League of Extraordinary Women 2-person show: Glitter Milk Gallery;

                 Grand Rapids, Michigan (part of ARTPrize 2014) 

2013 - Running a Thread Through Chatham-Kent Community Arts Initiative:

                 ARTspace and Chatham-Kent Museum; Chatham, Ontario

2013 - Pin Hole Camera:Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2012 - The Text Show Community Arts Initiative: ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario

2012 - Eye for Art 2012 juried exhibition: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2012 - Sacred & Profane 2-person show: WKPKennedy Gallery; North Bay, Ontario

2012 - Sacred & Profane 2-person show: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2011 - 2011 Juried Show: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2011 - ‘Tis the Season: SB Gallery; Windsor, Ontario

2011 - Recall Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2011 - The Exhibitchin’ 3-person show: ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario

2011 - Non-Representational Painting Community Arts Initiative: TAG, Chatham

2011 - Through Women’s Hands:  Women’s Centre; Chatham, Ontario

2011 - Stand Up, Stand Out! Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham

2010 - Eye for Art 2010 juried exhibition: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2010 - Through Women’s Hands: Women’s Centre; Chatham, Ontario

2010 - In the Manner of Manet Community Arts Initiative; TAG, Chatham

2009 - Beauty Interpreted Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham

2009 - “Deconstructing Muffy”2-person performance for Beauty Interpreted CAI:

                 TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2009 - Call and Response Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham

2009 - Something Queer Goes Here 5-person show: ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario

2008 - Eye for Art 2008 juried exhibition: TAG; Chatham, Ontario

2008 - Picture This-The Faces of C-K Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham

2008 - Cut It Out Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham

2008 - Through Women’s Hands: Women's Centre; Chatham, Ontario

2008 - The Napkin Project Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham

2007 - Hip 2B Square Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham

2007 - Thinking Inside the Box Community Arts Initiative: TAG; Chatham

2006 - Eye for Art 2006 juried exhibition: TAG: Chatham, Ontario


2017 - "Suffrage Posters" Workshop instructor (joint project with the Buxton                                  Museum: ARTspace ; Chatham, Ontario

2016 - “Now Slide to the Right” Collage/Printmaking Workshop instructor: 

                 ARTspace; Chatham. Ontario

2011 -   Assemblage Lecture: H.B. Beale Secondary School; London, Ontario

2010 - "Get Out of the Box" Workshop instructor: ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario

2008 - “Women In Laurie’s Art” Lecture for Women's Day Conference: Chatham  

                Women's Centre; Chatham, Ontario

2007 - “Memory Books & Shadow Boxes”Workshop instructor: Thames Art Gallery;

                Chatham, Ontario


Curatorial & Juried Projects

2017- The World of Kitsch (Jane Austin and Norman Barney) guest curator:                                  ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario

2014 - Blue Planet Community Arts Initiative co-juror: ARTspace; Chatham, Ontario

2011 - Through Women’s Hands co-juror: Womens' Centre; Chatham, Ontario

2011 - florafaunalogical (Jon-Erik Kroon) guest curator: ARTspace; Chatham

2011 - Bombs & Babes (Marshall Heaton) guest curator: ARTspace; Chatham

2010 - On the Edge Community Arts Initiative co-juror: ARTspace; Chatham  



2017-  The World of Kitsch (Jane Austin and Norman Barney: exhibition publication

2016 - Offhand Re-Marks: exhibition publication

2014 - The Four Housewives of the Apocalypse: exhibition publication

2012 - Sacred and Profane: exhibition publication

2011 - The Exhibitchin’: exhibition publication

2011 - florafaunalogical curatorial essay for Jon-Erik Kroon: exhibition publication



2017 - present: Leamington Arts Centre Exhibiting Member

2016 - Chair, ARTspace & Thames Art Gallery Advisory Board

2009 - 2017 - ARTspace & Thames Art Gallery Advisory Board member

2008 - present: founding member of ARTspace, and Exhibiting Member



2015 - Time for Love: private collection; Windsor, ON.

2013 - Succulent Wild Woman: private collection;  Wallaceburg, ON.

2009 - A Room at the Merrill Hotel: Retro Suites Hotel; Chatham, ON.

2008 - Sisters- For Franki: private collection; London, England

2007 - Control: private collection; San Francisco, CA.

2007 - Dating Circus: private collection; San Francisco, CA.

2007 - Natural Beauty: private collection; San Francisco, CA.

2007 - Go Fish: private collection; San Francisco, CA.

2007 - Bird Heaven: private collection; San Francisco, CA.

2007 - Lisa’s Helping Hands: private collection; Ann Arbor, MI.


University of Toronto: B.A. English Literature & Art History; Toronto, Ontario

Sheridan College: Advertising & Marketing; Oakville, Ontario

Condo Boom 2.jpg

Condo Boom, 2018.

collage on antique lithograph.

By Laurie Langford artist.

The artwork of Laurie Langford- shadowboxes, printmaking, assemblage, photography, collage, installations, video

Hot Peppers, 2011.

Photograph, 8" x 12". $60.

By Laurie Langford artist.

The artwork of Laurie Langford- shadowboxes, printmaking, assemblage, photography, collage, installations, video

I See Things Differently

(detail of Our Lady of Perpetual Help) 2012.  

8" x 12" photograph.  SOLD.  

By Laurie Langford artist.

War Stories. 2016. 

22.5"w x 29"h collage over lithograph. SOLD.  

By Laurie Langford artist and Marshall Heaton.